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Para escaparmos do caminho da solidão temos que dar duro e construir um novo caminho, com nossa própria força (Sabaku no Gaara)
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Does anyone else make sarcastic comments out loud when watching a TV show or film even though you’re completely alone?

You mean some people don’t do this?

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shai is drop dead gorgeous omg

almost to 20k :o



shai is drop dead gorgeous omg

almost to 20k :o

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Who was the one to propose: clint, but it took him a long time to work up the courage.
Who stressed more over wedding planning: bruce. luckily it never made him hulk out.
Who decorated the house: bruce would never let clint do interior decorating to save either of their lives.
Who does the cooking: bruce tries but more often than not they either eat at restaurants or order take-out. 
Who is more organized: clint’s pretty messy as far as keeping large spaces and rooms clean but when it comes to desk and shelf organization, clint’s better at it. 
Who suggested kids first: clint but they both wanted kids equally badly.
Who’s the cuddler: clint always demands cuddles.
Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: depends on the mood, but clint is usually the big spoon.
What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: clint and bruce love going out and looking at museums or furniture stores. it’s a fun pass time and it keeps both of them entertained for long periods of time.
Who cooks: bruce, once again.
Who comes home drunk at 3am: clint. bruce scolds him for it most of the time but clint still does it.
Who kills the spiders: clint kills spiders with nerf darts. and says “SHA-SHAW” when he hits it the first time.
Who falls asleep first: bruce.
A head canon: bruce and clint sit on the couch and pick out a book to read to each other. each night they switch off who reads (clint one night, bruce the next) and they either fall asleep against each other or end up getting bored and making out.
Their relationship summed up in a gif

Do they have any “rituals”?

the headcanon is basically a ritual. another ritual i guess is who does chores. clint always cleans the bathroom and kitchen (dishes, mopping, sweeping) and bruce vacuums and dusts the rest of the house.
Who has the most patience? clint.

The gif says it all

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If you’re gonna fight a war, you got to wear a uniform

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Happy Birthday Hermione!

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